Can I order my DG Pies online? YES

When do I need to order by?  Pie orders must be placed 24 hours prior to when you wish to pick them up.

What happens if I forget to pick up my pie?  Your pie will be donated to a local charity or to feed 1st responders.  It would be a great blessing to them.

Will a DG Pie improve my relationship with the in-laws? YES

Why Choose Us?

Why not just get my pie from Walmart?  Well, we make them here in Live Oak not in some factory in Kalamazoo and they are darn good.

Our World Famous Coconut pies have been brought to statesmen.  If they are good enough to be used to lobby the US government think of what they can do for your reputation with family, friends, or your boss.

Impress your Host with your Homemade Pie.  We don't care if we get the credit.  Just keep buying them for any and every occasion.


The Dixie Grill

The Dixie Grill